safety features

THE-footstretcher™ Lit’s three safety features avoid unnecessary pressure and irritation to the heel and Achilles tendon.

finally done right!

Foot placement is key to achieving beautiful lines. While the heel pocket places your foot in a winged position, the handle lets you control the wing angle and stretch intensity. THE-footstretcher™ also allows you to stretch off the ground so you can feel your lines in different positions. This means you are always 100% in control over your foot-stretching experience.

foot stretcher

foot roller

muscle massager

trigger massager

stretch your feet

Thanks to its unique detachable design and strong lightweight materials, THE-footstretcher™ is truly portable. When folded, it easily fits into any dance bag. You can now stretch and massage your feet anywhere!

stretch &

Enlisting the help of a Dance Athletic Trainer, we created a comprehensive list of 60+ foot exercises and 8 workouts that come included with THE-footstretcher™. We strongly believe that strengthening from these exercises combined with stretching your feet with THE-footstretcher™ will help you achieve beautiful lines.

made in

Made of lightweight yet very durable materials, THE-footstretcher™ is built to last. It also comes in three colors ready to match your personality.


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